About Us

DataDotz, based at Chennai, started with a small team of five vibrant professionals, is now on its lead providing comprehensive Big Data technology solutions to leverage and transform your traditional business to analytics. Established in 2013 in a challenging environment, DataDotz has been making significant impact in this industry. Our capabilities in Big Data technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark , Cassandra comprise solid solutions with powerful frameworks that address every functional component, including Data management, Data Provisioning, Data consumption.

With the constant growth in our Big Data industry, DataDotz is now the trusted partner to our increasing number of clients across the globe. We work towards providing superior experience to our clients through the combination of intellectual curiosity, friendly work style, business insight and strong partnership with our clients. Our in depth technical expertise in Cloud based Technologies  migrate risk involved and reduces your overall investment costs.

Our Team embraces most of the open sources technologies related to Data such Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm and other related Big Data Technologies. We also leverage most of the cloud technologies for our work such as Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine. Our members are regular contributors to Chennai Hadoop Users Group. We are also moving towards Data Science Specialization solving the unanswered questions of the business

Big Data has brought revolution in the way on how large sectors store and obtain data. With the Big Data databases, large enterprises can certainly save huge money and build up revenue, in addition to achieving many business objectives. DataDotz, with the focus of helping our partners achieve their business goals, solves all problems involved to increase your business values tremendously.

We serve our clients with Big Data technologies, services widely from all domains including,

    • Banking and Insurance
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation and Travel
    • Healthcare, Life Science, Medical and Research
    • Capital markets, Asset Management and corporate firms

We pride exhibiting ourselves as the trustworthy Big Data solution company, as we support you in any vertical to:

  • Develop new applications to build real-time data points on customers, products and resources
  • Low existing application costs and improve effectiveness
  • Make you realize new sources available and adapt to the changes happening faster in this competitive world
  • Increase quantum of data shared within your business network and increase your customer loyalty

Meet the Core Dev Team

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    Gowtham S B

    Gowtham  designs and develop solutions using Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark. A Calm and good listener.  A regular technical speaker  and a major contributor to Chennai Hadoop Users group.Recently in love with Scala Language.

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    Saravanan , a close buddy of Gowtham for last 7 years, does and loves three things, Hadoop, Hadoop and Hadoop. A Go-To tech guy for the whole team.His area of interest is in devops.

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    Alex handles stream processing as well as search technologies for the team. An independent, motivated resource who firmly believes in the team. Loves Apple products. A Major contributor to Chennai Hadoop Users Group and posts BigData Weekly news.

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    Does development from UI to Backend. Known for his hardworking and trustworthy nature. Handles core technologies such as Apache Hadoop, MongoDB.