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Best Practices for Securing Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR is a managed Hadoop framework that you use to process vast amounts of data. One of the reasons that customers choose Amazon EMR is its security features. For example, customers like FINRA in regulated industries such as financial services, and in healthcare, choose Amazon EMR as part of their data strategy.They do so to adhere to strict regulatory requirements from entities such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

ActiveMQ architecture and key metrics

Apache ActiveMQ is message-oriented middleware (MOM), a category of software that sends messages between applications. Using standards-based, asynchronous communication, ActiveMQ allows loose coupling of the elements in an IT environment, which is often foundational to enterprise messaging and distributed applications.
Built-in Image Data Source in Apache Spark 2.4

Apache Spark 2.3 provided the ImageSchema.readImages API (see Microsoft’s post Image Data Support in Apache Spark), which was originally developed in the MMLSpark library. In Apache Spark 2.4, it’s much easier to use because it is now a built-in data source. Using the image data source, you can load images from directories and get a DataFrame with a single image column.
Teardown, Rebuild:Migrating from Hive to PySpark

Machine Learning (ML) engineering and software development are both fundamentally about writing correct and robust algorithms. In ML engineering we have the extra difficulty of ensuring mathematical correctness and avoiding propagation of round-off errors in the calculations when working with floating-point representations of a number.
Getting Started with Apache Pulsar and Data Collector
Apache Kafka Security | Need and Components of Kafka

There are a number of features added in the Kafka community, in release There is a flexibility for their usage also, like either separately or together, that also enhances security in a Kafka cluster.