Currently many organizations depend on advanced technology for better operation and growth of their business. However, in the real world what you have is less than what is needed.
If you are the one dealing with several IT challenges like outdated applications, rigid infrastructure, information explosion, security threats, dwindling budgets and looking for great opportunities with Big Data, then you are at the right place.

DataDotz , based in Chennai,  provides consulting services to address and resolve your IT challenges. We help you build data centers with converged infrastructure, and focus on boosting your productivity to help you gain competitive advantages.

We,DataDotz, seek to build lasting partnership with our valued customers by helping them transform knowledge into insight for timely decisions. Our reputation for reliability, trendy consulting solutions, and effectiveness has encouraged us to help our clients grow with Big Data technologies.


BigData Strategy

Every Organization is trying to unlock the potential of the Data with its own initiatives. We, at DataDotz, help the team to assess the current skills, technology and infrastructure.We provide them with a clear road of the migration of their existing business to new data driven technologies.

Proof Of Concept

Initially DataDotz validates the use cases and then demonstrates the power of BigData in your data driven business. For this purpose, we take a maximum of 8 weeks to demonstrate.

During this period, we will demonstrate the impact of the use case with various aspects such as data load/volume, platform, technologies and cluster.

Evaluation of technology and its vendors

Clients will be faced with the following three important questions, which are asked by most of them when dealing with data driven business.

    • Which Open Source/proprietary Big Data technologies solve the business problem? For Example. To decide between Hadoop or Spark or NoSQL such as Cassandra, MongoDB.
    • Which vendors of that big Data technology fit my bill?
    • How are integrations among various technologies (its respective vendor distributions) or with legacy technologies done?

DataDotZ has always been open to new BigData technologies such as Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka, Storm as well as propertiary technologies. And we remain vendor neutral. With our expertise and experience in consulting for large corporations, we help our clients to conduct the business with confidence and achieve their intended goal.

Co-Do Big Things

We let you build your BigData team through us. With our technical guidance, you can build up a high impact product together, which will be the driving force of your business. We will ride together from design to market; providing you a smooth transition and making sure the product meets the business needs of the organization.


We do not stop with just implementation. We help you towards improving the performance and constantly in the process of increasing the utilization of BigData Cluster. This will automatically reduce your operational overhead and simultaneously increase ROI.

Managed Services

We,DataDotz, provide continuous maintenance using offshore operations that support to reduce overall costs. We utilize commercial or open source tools to support 24/7 operations to serve your business needs and we involve in application support to provide enhancements to the live applications.

Technologies we live

  • Batch Processing  – Apache Spark , MapReduce (Hadoop), Elastic Map-Reduce , HPCC
  • Stream Processing – Storm, Spark Streaming
  • NoSQL  – Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB
  • Messaging Systems – Apache Kafka, All JMS Compliant Message Brokers
  • SQL  – mySQL , PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server
  • MPP – Redshift, TeraData
  • FileSystems – HDFS (Hadoop), MapR-FS, S3
  • Cloud Technologies – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platforms
  • Data Science using R and Python libraries (Pandas, Numpy, Scipy)

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