About Us

DataDotz, based at Chennai, started with a small team of five vibrant professionals, is now on its lead providing comprehensive Big Data technology solutions to leverage and transform your traditional business to analytics. Established in 2013 in a challenging environment, DataDotz has been making significant impact in this industry.

Our capabilities in Big Data comprise solid solutions with powerful frameworks that address every functional component, including Data management, Data Provisioning, Data consumption. With the constant growth in our Big Data industry, DataDotz is now the trusted partner to our increasing number of clients across the globe.

We work towards providing superior experience to our clients through the combination of intellectual curiosity, friendly work style, business insight and strong partnership with our clients. Our in depth technical expertise migrate risk involved and reduces your overall investment costs.

DataDotz’s training division offers hands-on BigData training courses taken by experienced industry veterans. We train our candidates with complete industry knowledge, create dedicated environment that they find it to be favorable to learn and perform hands-on practices. We,DataDotz ,in collaboration with other training reseller partner with the focus to advance competitiveness by applying right knowledge, offer several training classes revolving Big Data technologies. We have trained over 600 successful BigData professionals, who have taken their position in the industry with huge recognition and career growth. We offer training for BigData Technologies such as Hadoop EcoSystem, NoSQL DataStores, Apache Spark, Apache Storm and Search Technologies. We also provide customized, private trainings on any BigData Technologies.